Till the late 1970s Hurghada was a small fisher village in a location that seldom attracted visitors. This changed when divers discovered the beautiful nature of the area and the crystal clear waters with its coral reefs and the multitude of fishes. In a very short time Hurghada became one of the most important tourist sites in Egypt. Nowadays, modern hotels along a 20 km long beach satisfy the needs of any visitor. In Hurghada the offer of activities is many fold: from sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling over windsurfing to desert safaris. Today, Hurghada is known for its broad offer of entertainment. Life often begins after sunset in Hurghada. Many clubs are frequented by the young, but there is certainly entertainment for all ages. There is a lot going on in Hurghada with its buzzing locations and busy beaches. Divers will have to rent a boat to visit the diving sites as the coral reefs are located near the small Red Sea islands off Hurghada. Of these islands Giftun is the largest and lies about 10km from Hurghada. The city of Hurghada is rapidly growing by embracing numerous self-contained tourist villages. To the north lies Ad-Dahar with more than half of the total local population and the most price friendly hotels and restaurants. Some kilometers to the south of Hurghada lies Siqala, a place with only a few hotels and restaurants. Places of Interest The Marine Biology Museum Hurghada The Marine Museum (open from 8am to 8pm) a few kilometers north of Hurghada, offers information about sea life in and under the waters. A marine biology station and a small aquarium make a visit even more interesting. The Hurghada Aquarium The Aquarium in Hurghada (open from 9am to 11pm) is located at Ad-Dahar. An interesting place to learn about the variety of Red Sea fishes. El-Gouna Under the silhouette of sharp edged mountains and bordering the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea lies El-Gouna, the region’s most exclusive destination. Built on clusters of islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons, El-Gouna covers an area of more than 11 kilometers of the most pristine beachfront. El-Gouna has something for everyone including secluded beaches and exclusive hotels for those seeking the getaway holidays. Desert safaris, the best diving for the more adventurous, and endless entertainment for families add to the attractivity of this place. El-Gouna began as a romantic vision but became reality in a very short time: Starting as a small marina some years ago, El-Gouna nowadays is a vibrant, bustling town with an international flair. Private villas, luxurious hotels and many restaurants add to the high standard of this place. But it did not stop there: El-Gouna has evolved into a town with a life and soul of its own. El-Gouna is no longer simply tourist destination but a town attracting visitors and residents from all parts of the world. Private business is thriving, giving interested investors the opportunity to invest in the industrial sector of El-Gouna which includes a brewery, a winery and a water bottling company. El-Gouna has been carefully planned giving beauty and life quality top priority. In spite of having grown into a self-sufficient town resort with powerful infrastructure and extensive community support facilities, El-Gouna has taken great care of its surroundings and has recently been awarded to be the “environmental friendliest resort in Egypt”. Kafr El-Gouna The Kafr is the heartbeat of El-Gouna; a town center with countless activities during day and night. It is here, where guests and residents come together. Set on an island this town center is built in the traditional Egyptian style of inner courtyards, alleys and domes. The subtle tones of the Kafr’s pastel colored buildings give a spectacular contrast to the bright turquoise of its surrounding lagoons. The Kafr provides everything one expects of a lively downtown area; shops, art galleries, cafes, a wide selection of restaurants with local delicacies to international dining, bars, discotheques, and a cinema as well as the more practical services such as a school, travel agencies and a post office. El-Gouna Museum This museum focuses on ancient Egyptian history and art with over 90 exhibits including statue replicas (made by the Egyptian Cultural Investment Company), decorated stones and musical instruments. Opened in January 1996, it is designed to give tourists an insight into the ancient Egyptian culture. Facilities include three interactive computer displays giving descriptions of each exhibit, and also an exhibition hall of 52 contemporary paintings by Hussein Bikar, a well known Egyptian artist. The museum building is surrounded by souvenir shops selling small statues, books, papyrus paintings, postcards and modern Egyptian art.

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