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The Treasure of Desert (Siwa Oasis) Safari activity

Siwa and Spa Safari

Siwa Oasis is an isolated Oasis which make the desert safari something special to remember the magic and  ambiguity of the western desert  provide you with excitement and relief. Enjoy the Bedouin nature camp and the sights of the oasis like The Ruined City, dead Mountain and Amoun Temple. Day 1 Transfer to Cairo bus station, catch the air conditioned ... Read More »

Sand Diving (El Bahariya Oasis) Safari activity

Baheriya safari egypt

Discover the secret of the desert as enjoy camping in the white desert with its different shaped rocks, sand doyens and crystal Mountain, also the black desert with its black rocks. The simple life in Bahariya Oasis and the hot & cold springs are things you can’t miss. Day 1 Departure from Cairo at 8:00 am to El Bahariya Oasis (385km) about ... Read More »

Funny Holiday(Heart of Sinai) Safari activity

Safari in Egypt

Experience the safari totally different through Sinai desert this spiritual place make the safari trip feels something else enjoy the sights and mountains by a very special way of adventure and Culture. Day 1 Departure from Cairo to the fisherman’s city of Abou Zeniema, in which we head off road 45-km to the area ofSarabit El Khadem. We pass by ancient mining ... Read More »

Siwa and Spa Safari

Siwa and Spa Safari

We choose the best natural spot in the most beautiful country SIWA OASIS in the western desert of EGYPT to construct the biggest SPA in Egypt which is the only one constructed according to FENG SHUI standard of construction, colure, music, plants… SIWA OASIS has been chosen by the ancient scientist of pharaohs of Egypt ( CLEOPATRA the seventh last pharaoh ... Read More »

Sianai Safari

Sianai Safari

Sinai Is a meeting point of continents and diving line between seas! The total are of Sinai is 24000 square miles and thus represented 6% from the total are of Egypt, the great seismic activity of the past and the tremendous eruptive phenomena have given Sinai its characteristic imprint. The most important peaks are the Moses’ mountain 2285 meters, St. ... Read More »

Oasis & Luxor Safari

Oasis & Luxor Sakura Safari

Oasis & Luxor DAY 1 Arrival to Cairo, meet assist. At the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation, after breakfast visit of Sakkara (Mastaba of Mereruka, Pyramid of Teti, complex of Dzoser Step pyramid), visit of pyramid in Giza, Sphinx, visit of carpet school, visit of papyrus institute, back to the hotel, dinner, overnight. DAY 2 CAIRO / BAHARIYA OASIS ... Read More »



THE OTHER PYRAMIDS AND THE VALLEY OF THE WALES See the pyramid of Maidoum, and explore the fossils in Wadi El Rayan and Wadi El Hitan from the unforgettable perspective of the desert and comfort of our 4-wheel drive.This new comprehensive full-day guided tour covers the forgotten archeological sites as well as other areas accessible only through the desert. Drive ... Read More »

Gilf Kebeer Safari

Gilf Kebeer Sakura Safari

Did you ever thougt to go on the steps of Count Laszlo de Almasy, the illustrious Hungarian explorer of central Gilf Kebir and chief character in the film “The English Patient”, winner of the 1996 Oscar for best picture. With us I think you can. Or Click here To : Contact US You may also like: Siwa and Spa Safari ... Read More »


Adventure Sakura Safari

When any one think about Egypt first and last thing come to the mind is Pyramids, Pharaohs and history . But actually Egypt was given by god alot of other things,which can give you unforgettable experiences, that you can’t ever get it any where else. One of the most interesting trips in life is Desert Safari, there you will enjoy ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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