Diving in Sharm El Shiekh

Diving in Sharm El Shiekh
Diving in Sharm El Shiekh

Sharm El Sheikh lies at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, where the desert merges with the beautifully clear waters of the Red Sea.
Naama Bay is the main resort, with hotels and dive centres overlooking the sandy, gently shelving beach while shops, cafés, bars and restaurants are behind the promenade. The areas of Ras Nasrani and Nabq Bay to the north, and Ras Um Sid and Sharm itself to the south, are quieter yet only a short ride from Naama Bay. A variety of water sports, sandy beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving combine to make this one of the most popular locations on the coast.
Sharm El Sheikh offers excellent diving for everyone, from complete beginners to experts. Ras Mohammed, to the south of the resort, offers spectacular reefs and prolific marine life. The SS Thistlegorm with its cargo of WWII items, is a favourite amongst wreck divers, whilst at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, the Straits of Tiran are home to rays, dolphins.
* We organise our 5-day programme to have the chance to see all the sites available from Sharm El Sheikh. We divide the coastline area into three sections each with 5 to 7 different diving sites, Local South, Local Middle and Local North, then there is Ras Mohamed and the Straits ofTiran, visiting each of these sections in any of the five days.
The first day’s diving always begins with one of the Local areas where you have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the local diving conditions, your equipment and our guiding. While mooring in these areas we will prepare you for the more exotic sites of Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran, which are both more difficult sites requiring your best diving skills.
We follow an alternating programme, where you go from Local South, the Straits of Tiran, Local North, Ras Mohamed and finishing with Local Middle, for example. We can also offer within this programme a chance to visit the wreck of the Thistlegorm and night diving.
The whole week can be packed full of all kinds of diving, we offer a third dive in the day, night diving, wrecks, early morning, overnight and visiting the best areas on offer. Let us share our experience with your desires to make a memorable diving holiday in one of the world’s best diving destinations.
Diving Packages
* Half day diving excursion (local areas)
* Full day diving excursion (local areas)
* Full day diving excursion to Ras Mohamed or Tiran
* 3 days diving pkg. (6 dives), 1 day Ras Mohamed or Tiran
* 5 days diving pkg. (10 dives), 1 day Ras Mohamed + 1 day Tiran
* 5 days diving pkg.(10 dives) with NITROX course NRC level 1
* 10 days diving pkg. (20 dives) 5 locals and 5 Tiran + Ras Mohamed
* Introductory dive (all gear included)
* Rebreather introductory dive (Dräger Ray)
* Full day snorkelling trip, incl. equipment
* Non diver on board
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