When any one think about Egypt first and last thing come to the mind is Pyramids, Pharaohs and history .
But actually Egypt was given by god alot of other things,which can give you unforgettable experiences, that you can’t ever get it any where else.

Adventure Sakura Safari
Adventure Sakura Safari

One of the most interesting trips in life is Desert Safari, there you will enjoy with primitive life and discover new world you would never see it before, the nature there is still untouched by human, come away from the modern life and its clamor, come to Silence, quietness, beauty, and relaxing, come to Desert Safari.

we organize desert safari to Sinai desert it occupies around 60.000 kmイ, or to the western desert it is known also by Libyan desert and it occupies 680,000 kmイ, it is a perfect place for meditation.

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