Diving in Alexandria

Discovery : Diving in Alexandria
Discovery : Diving in Alexandria

It is not a discovery but it is a forgotten city known to all Alexandranians as it lies under its water , when I was 7 years old ( 40 years ago ) I use to go with my father to swim around quaietbay citadel and in the eastern Harbor of Alexandria and he took me from my hands to dive ( skin dive ) down to 5 to 7m. to touch one of the sphinxes underwater, or columns and to swim between thousands of archeological pieces, the same as my grand father done with my father when he was child. The story started at 1963 when the great Egyptian diver Abo Al Sadat start to put maps and location for the whole underwater city , but because of national finantial problems Egypt was unable to make the necessary to put the international lights and media on our underwater treasures , for this reasons Abo Al Sadat start to contact all international organizations for this purpose. The first to recspond was the French organization during the 80s. where the the funds they got through different international aide they were able to create the big necessary propaganda for our underwater cities.

Program 1: (Cleopatra City)
One day diving on the underwater city of CLEOPATRA

(2 dives)

  • 10.00 am 
    arrival at the dive center (located next to Tikka Grill restaurant – eastern harbor), reception and equipment preparation
  • 10.30 am
    briefing with slide show presentation on the dives
  • 11.00 am 
  • 11.30 am 
    first dive site (pharos island – one dive for 45 min. at a depth of 8 meters) see more than 8000 archeological pieces including: sphinxes, columns of all eras (pharhonic – Greek- Roman) parts of the Lighthouse of Alexandria (one of the seven Wonders of the world) base of obilisque, statues, inscriptions and other surprises.
  • 01.00 pm 
    second dive site (Lovers island or Antirodos island) 45 min. at 5 meters depth.  On this site, which was the summer palace of Mark Anthony, you will see lime stones of the palace, columns, Amphoras that was used for the Royal food and drinks, a Second World War airplane that fell down on the palace. A magical mixture created by accident, combining the far and the near past.
  • 2.30pm
    back to the dive center for lunch
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